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The Ochsenriegel is a savory snack made of pure organic beef. With a 40% amount of premium protein and only 5% of fat, the Ochsenriegel is an ideal nutrient supplier for sportsmen and as a snack. The organic beef’s protein has a high bioavailability, therefore it can be absorbed efficiently compared to artificial sources of protein.

For this reason, Ochsenriegel supports the muscle synthesis and thus a faster regeneration after sports or other physical stress. Moreover, beef contains valuable vitamins, mineral substances and essential fatty acids.

beef*, sea salt, dextrose*, seasonings*, vegetable juice concentrate*,  acerola powder*, edible casing from bovine collagen matrix, beech wood smoke. (*Products from controlled organic farming)

nutrition facts per 100gper portion
 caloric value 209kcal 104,5kcal
 protein 40g 20g
 fat 5g 2.5g
 – of which saturated  fatty acids 1.3g 0.6g
carbohydrates 1g 0.5g
 – of which sugars 0g 0g
 salt 4g 2g
 fibre 0g 0g

Ochsenstolz® is a trademark for the best beef. As a transregional “farm shop” we merchandise our organic products made from German animal population. With the personal contact to our partners of production and processing, we strive to meet expectations above the usual formal regulations and guidelines.